From strategic onboarding and transformative property design to AI tools and effective negotiations, you’re supported with an innovative, full-service approach and a current market education to help you make smart decisions that will benefit your family for generations.

There’s no guesswork involved in my process. Every step taken is a calculated maneuver designed to achieve your specific goals.

What To Expect

Long term prosperity

Educational empowerment to support lifelong real estate success

Low-pressure, high-reward

Experience a curated selling process that aligns with your vision

REALM membership and Compass tools

Exclusive access to execute industry-leading support

Relationship-based Real Estate

My goal working with every seller is to make real connections, not just power through the transaction. I take the time to get to know you better so I can get you more.

Your home has a unique story. Through industry-leading marketing I make sure it strikes a chord with the right buyers. I am a real estate resource and market guide for sellers, not simply a deal maker (although I do that really well, too).

Knowing The Market

Modern buyers are real estate savvy. With a deep understanding of local lifestyles, neighborhood characteristics, and buyer tendencies, I help you craft a selling plan that speaks to what potential homeowners want to see in a new home. With innovative AI tools I watch the market in real time to direct a listing strategy that keeps you ahead of the market.

“Thrilled with the results: a "sold" sign on our house within 4 days!”

- Jim and Vicki R.

“Her network of painters, repairmen, and professional support were invaluable in readying our home for sale. We interviewed several realtors before Jennifer, and she was head and shoulders above them all.”

- Charlie and Brenda R.

"...After receiving multiple offers, she negotiated the highest offer to increase their bid by $25K. The level of organization and orchestration really impressed us. We couldn't be happier with the results!”

- Nathan B.

Discretionary Deals

I consider confidentiality to be paramount, so I execute every sale with the utmost discretion to privacy, and have extensive experience working within the context of NDAs. You’ll have confidence and peace of mind throughout the process as I provide you with full insight into the listing process.

Selling With Jennifer Anderson

7 AVG Days On Market*

*(SD County average 25 days on market) – SDAR 9/23

108.8% AVG List Price Received*

*(SD County average 0.6% over asking) – SDAR 9/23

43 Offers

Most offers received on a single listing

Maximize Your Return 

My plan of action begins with setting goals and priorities, determining appropriate actions based on the current market, outlining the feasible next steps to reach these goals, and mobilizing the resources to achieve optimal results quickly.

Consultative Onboarding:

I prepare you for the market well before we list your home. We will go over your financial position and plans for the proceeds from the sale, review recent market activity to understand your market position, and test the marketplace to achieve alignment between your pricing and timing goals.

Pricing Accurately:

A successful sale starts with a strategic listing price. I’ll help you analyze the current market using AI tools to determine a number that aligns with your sale goals and timeline. Innovative market analysis tools allow us to see into real-time buyer habits so we can determine the strongest price, and adjust our overall listing strategy to the current market.

Book A Property Evaluation

Property Preparation:

I’ll suggest thoughtful upgrades that are proven to deliver a worthwhile return at the time of sale, and connect you with my trusted network of industry professionals for any trades or services needed to complete the property transformation.

Winning Negotiations:

As a Harvard-trained certified negotiator, I know successful deals are made through superior market knowledge, understanding the style of the buying agent, and knowing the property inside and out.

My contract intelligence and market expertise is unmatched, covering deal structures, current and historical market information, construction knowledge, property maintenance, real estate financing, taxation, and more.

We will discuss everything from your sale goals to capital gains stipulations, and I’ll liaise with every professional involved in the process while guiding you in the right direction. You never have to second guess the next step. I have a thorough transition system in place that ensures you seamlessly move from closing to your next life stage or real estate endeavor.

Showcasing Your Home 

Captivating Marketing

Starting with magazine-quality photography, immersive 3-D property tours, and stunning aerial footage, your home will be expertly marketed using industry-leading methods. I handle all the creation and distribution of your listing materials to get it in front of as many qualified potential home buyers as possible.

I facilitate a multifaceted plan that includes:

  • Circulating your listing within my agent network
  • Launching your listing across the MLS,, and
  • Email blasts
  • Social media campaigns
  • Targeted marketing materials
  • Detailed floor plans
  • And more

With a comprehensive marketing plan, your home’s story is told so that it connects with the largest possible pool of qualified buyers.

Strategic Staging

Selling quickly and for top dollar is a result of strategic property design. The majority of my sellers elect to stage their homes because I connect them with the industry’s top staging professionals. As a result, I consistently secure higher prices for their homes.

When your home is presented in its best light—drawing attention to features that speak to the buyer we want to attract, and amplifying the property’s lifestyle potential—it will spend less time on the market, while increasing your potential return.

It’s all about first impressions—like with people, they matter with your home, too.

Compass Concierge

With the goal of making your sale as simple as possible, I offer concierge listing services that increase your home’s value with a hassle-free, no interest way to pay. Customized to your needs and unique property, Compass Concierge helps you sell faster, and for more money. Home improvement services are completed upfront, and you cover the cost after your house sells. It’s that simple.

Clear On Compliance

While managing your sale hands-on, I have a highly skilled team working behind the scenes to push your transaction forward—without missing a single detail. You’ll experience a heavily detail-oriented process for a confident sale. I ensure all necessary disclosures, ADA compliance, DRE numbers, etc. are handled so your transaction is protected.

The Compass Network

The nation’s leading independent and tech-forward brokerage, Compass is a resource hub that empowers your transaction from start to finish.

Relocating out of the San Diego area after your sale? My nationwide referral network can connect you to best-in-class market advisors wherever you’re going.

Big Picture Approach

My sellers represent more than a part of my clientele, they are a part of my community and social circle. Whether you’re staying in the area or relocating, I approach our partnership with the big picture in mind. My goal is to create unforgettable experiences that contribute to your overall wellbeing and long term success.

Giving Back

It’s both my honor and privilege to be able to give back, strengthen community ties, and revitalize the areas I live and work in through my real estate work.

Sophisticated Selling

Discover optimized listing strategies customized to your individual goals.

Leading The San Diego Market

Top 1% individual agents in San Diego

Real Trend’s America’s Best

Top 1% agents statewide

Real Trend’s America’s Best

Top 25 real estate agents in the county

San Diego Business Journal

Gold Recognition of Excellence award

San Diego Association of Realtors