Simplified search, strategic negotiations, and a real estate education to empower you—this is the experience you can expect when finding and investing in your dream home, so you can execute with confidence.

I’m your all-in-one life-long resource for buying real estate in the San Diego area.

What To Expect

Portfolio growth

Informed decisions that strengthen your real estate investment portfolio

Big-picture, streamlined approach

Custom, strategic buying plans meet your lifestyle goals

REALM membership and Compass tools

Exclusive access to industry-leading assets

Real Relationships For Strong Strategy

Before we begin the home search I start by getting to know you better so I can help you find the best possible house that aligns with your vision. Through active listening and a proactive approach, I uncover your goals and help develop the most effective plan of action. I never pressure you into a decision—only advise you on the best options.

My business is built on creating meaningful client relationships rather than being transaction-focused. I care about the communities I serve, and I’m proud to be involved in building places people want to live.

San Diego Area Expert 

With me you get more than a market advisor. You also get a community connoisseur who can show you the ins-and-outs of neighborhoods that best meet your lifestyle aspirations.

"...Jennifer's unwavering commitment to our success made the process efficient and rewarding. We recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch agent.”

- Annette & Steve S.

“Jennifer organized an insightful driving tour showcasing potential homes and the community. Her meticulous research added immense value. She seamlessly coordinated extensive inspections and quotes during escrow and negotiated a $25,000 price adjustment!”

- Rina & Karl L.

“I have purchased several properties and worked with many agents. I've never met an agent as impressive as Jenn. She is on top of every single detail and is responsive day or night."

- Josh T.

Reliable Real Estate Representation

You are protected throughout your purchase as I adhere to all real estate board requirements. I have all necessary disclosures, ADA compliance, DRE numbers, etc. to ensure your transaction is never jeopardized. I work with you directly from start to finish, ensuring every process and piece of paperwork falls into place.

Your Buying Blueprint

With real data and a modern real estate education that demystifies the market and debunks common myths, I show you how to succeed in finding your dream home regardless of market constraints.

Coaching Conversation:

We’ll dive into your history with real estate to discover what’s important to you and quickly find alignment among available homes. I’ll also liaise with your financial advisor/lender to ensure your financial structure is vetted and approved before house hunting.

This exceptionally thorough onboarding process allows for maximum efficiency. You’ll learn how to filter the market and become a discerning buyer who is ahead of the competition.

Property Planning:

Spending time considering your must-haves is how we streamline the process and narrow down your options to optimize your search. I’ll help you determine your needs/wants and provide you with nuanced neighborhood insight to strengthen your wish-list. I also take a business-centered approach to help you feel empowered about your investment.

The Search:

Redefining how the property search is done, I revisit historical market data within your preferred areas to paint an accurate picture of your purchase options. Taking an analytical approach, you’ll understand your odds of buying within your timeframe.

Filtering your search based on your predefined criteria, I streamline your experience with leading industry tools to expedite the process. You’ll also get access to unique opportunities through my network, connecting you to pre-market and off-market options.

Navigating Negotiations:

My background as a Harvard-trained certified negotiator means you’ll have unmatched leverage at the offer table. I approach negotiations like a game of chess, entering deal talks with extreme preparation to always be a step ahead. I dive into the background of the property, and uncover the seller’s motivations to develop a negotiation strategy that protects your interests.

With elevated, inherent contract intelligence and market knowledge I leverage expertise in deal structures, market trends, building knowledge, property maintenance, real estate financing, taxation, and more to support our negotiations.

My thorough process ensures you buy the home of your dreams while remaining financially sound. Once negotiations are finalized, I’ll ensure your move is seamless. I’ll help organize everyone involved in your transition, from movers to contractors. Every next step is pre-planned so all you have to do is sit back, have fun, and think about how you’re going to enjoy your new home.

A San Diego neighborhood expert, I guide you towards the places that have the lifestyle opportunities, real estate options, and amenities you want to live comfortably.

Clear Communication:

As your advisor I deliver objective communication and give full insight into my processes so you receive both a market and neighborhood education. I also see privacy as paramount, and I am experienced and comfortable working with NDAs.

Backed By Compass:

I get buyers ahead of the market by leveraging my REALM membership and using industry-leading tools through my Compass affiliation. As the nation’s largest independent and tech-focused brokerage, Compass is a superior support network that provides innovative tools to support your strategy.

Real Estate With Connection:

My buyers are also a part of my community. They become neighbors and oftentimes a part of my social network. With this in mind, I execute an all-encompassing real estate approach. My goal is to help you settle in a community that aligns with your lifestyle and long term goals, while guiding you to make smart purchase decisions that will help build your overall real estate wealth.

Giving Back

Passionate about making an impact in the areas I work in, giving back to local communities is a dedicated part of my business.

Specialized Buying

Plan a streamlined purchase strategy aligned with your unique vision.

Leading The San Diego Market

Top 1% individual agents in San Diego

Real Trend’s America’s Best

Top 1% agents statewide

Real Trend’s America’s Best

Top 25 real estate agents in the county

San Diego Business Journal

Gold Recognition of Excellence award

San Diego Association of Realtors